Deep Song

This week, a « all star » band. It is a good pretext to announce some concerts of big jazz festival in Paris in the next months.
The tune is called « The next step » and comes from album « Deep Song » by Kurt Rosenwinkel.

There is also an excellent version on album « The next step » (same name) with Mark Turner whom we have talked about a bit in the post Axis Quartet (remember). I will probably let you listen to it another day.

This all star composition ?
Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar
Joshua Redman on saxophone (does it remind you something ? If not, go read the post on Mark Turner)
Brad Mehldau on piano (a little effort, remember)
Larry Grenadier on bass
Ali Jackson on drums

Dates when you can listen to some of them:
- Brad Mehldau will play with Mark Giuliana on the 5th of July in La Défense, the duet is named Mehliana (La Défense Jazz Festival website)
- Joshua Redman will play in closure of Paris Jazz Festival on the 27th of July in Paris Parc Floral (Paris Jazz Festival website)
- Kurt Rosenwinkel will play in an exceptionnal concert on the 5th of September with Avishai Cohen Trio on La Villette Jazz festival (La Villette Jazz festival website)

So I suggest to listen to The next step.
The structure is very classical (intro, themes, soli, themes, outro) but the theme is quite complex, beautifully arranged between guitar and saxophone playing often in unison and sometimes interlacing (like on 0:54).

Structure: intro, 2 themes (0:29 et 1:21) with a different end for second (1:58) to go on soli by Kurt Rosenwinkel (2:00) then by Joshua Redman (3:35) and, to conclude, by Brad Mehldau (4:48) before going back to the theme (twice: 6:24 et 7:10) and finishing the tune with an outro on a completely new melody (7:56).

Have a good listening :

The Next Step by Kurt Rosenwinkel on Grooveshark

Title: The next step
Artist: Kurt Rosenwinkel
Album: Deep Song
Label: The Verve Music Group
Time: 9’30
Year: 2005

Larry Grenadier: bass
Ali Jackson: drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel: guitar
Brad Mehldau: piano
Joshua Redman: tenor saxophone