Dream Theater - Live scenes from New-York

After Snarky Puppy and before one of my favorite pieces of Tigran Hamasyan, I want to share a tune of a band which may seem distant from these two musical universes but which has in fact many similarities: Dream Theater

Difficult to choose a piece in particular in their so consequent and of high-quality discography.
So I have decided to stay on an instrumental piece to remind Snarky and Tigran: « The dance of eternity » which can be found on the magnificent triple album « Live scenes from New York ».

On the four musicians, three have studied in Berklee College of Music where many of the best contemporary jazz musicians have passed in (John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy, all three have the same age) and one in Juilliard School (Jordan Rudess), also a prestigious school particularly for classical music.
Their virtuosity can bring them sometimes to go into a technical demonstration at the risk of losing in musicality but there are so many good moments that we forgive them.

Listen to the style of this group recognizable between all. They chain themes, rhythmics, so complex, decomposed, fast, irregular, the some that the others.

The piece completely consists of continuous sequences of themes and solos very different from one to another. More than 6 minutes of acrobatics without calm, always on the verge of the break. For those who know the band well and if you listen to other pieces, you will see that 6 minutes is nothing.

I am particularly fan of the increase in power between 1:40 and 2:01 and of the theme which concludes it in downward arpeggios.

The Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater on Grooveshark

Title: The dance of eternity
Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Live scenes from New-York
Label: Elektra
Time: 6’40
Year: 2001

John Petrucci: guitar
Jordan Rudess: keyboards
John Myung: bass
Mike Portnoy: drums

Recorded at Roseland Ballroom, New York, New York on the 30th of August 2000