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Uitgar - Violons Barbares

Uitgar – Violons Barbares

A heart stroke record: « Wolf’s cry » by Violons Barbares. Discovered recently, I was amazed by the sound of this band. I listen to this album a lot these days and it is difficult to choose one piece for this article. We will take Uitgar and listen to it before going deeper in the composition of...
Conrod - Julien Lourau

Conrod – Julien Lourau

Three weeks ago, introducting a post on Avishai Cohen’s Short Story, I refered to a saxophone player who gave to me a particularly striking musical revelation. It is in 1996 when I discovered Julien Lourau in a television broadcast called Django d’ Or (rewards for jazz musicians). It was the time of video tapes and...
Biggus D - Bojan Z

Biggus D – Bojan Z

Last week, I mentioned Bojan Z as having played with Sebastian Rochford, member of the surprising quartet Sounds of Kemet. In this continuity, I suggest to listen to a piece by Bojan Z (Zulfikarpašić of his complete name) which has marked me only with its introduction: Biggus D. A delight! Accompanied, in trio, with Rémi...
Shema – Pierre de Bethmann

Shema – Pierre de Bethmann

Stay with Jeanne Added and let’s listen to her in another context. The first time I listened to her was with Pierre de Bethmann septet in an album called “Oui”. I like very much the use of the voice as an instrument, mixed between the others. No words, not more present than the other instruments,...
Reincarnation of a Lovebird – Yes is a pleasant country

Reincarnation of a Lovebird – Yes is a pleasant country

Today, I would like to share my little experience about Jeanne Added’s musical universe. We can found his name is more and more around French websites, from contemporary jazz to rock music. Since around ten years, she plays with musicians like Vincent Courtois, Yves Robert, Pierre de Bethmann, Baptiste Trotignon but also John Greaves or...
Chant bien fatal – Workshop de Lyon

Chant bien fatal – Workshop de Lyon

I had the chance to see this band in a theater called “Le Carré” in Château-Gontier, in France, several years ago during the Europa Jazz Festival. It was one of my first jazz concert in an excellent acoustical environment. This kind of music is often called improvised music because it sounds quite contemporary, not as...