Red Hail - Aratta Rebirth - Tigran Hamasyan

As announced in the last post and with for pretext his concert tomorrow, Sunday the 12th of July in Paris Parc Floral, it will be a piece of Tigran Hamasyan « Sibylla » published on the record called « Red Hail -- Aratta Rebirth » that we are going to listen to today.

We find quite a lot of things heard in previous posts:
- the use of the voice as an instrument by itself, without word, singing the melody (1:01) or to its service as an accompanist (eg 1:50, 2:30). Find the article on Shema by Pierre de Bethmann who also uses the voice in this way.
- of course, improvisations which give the jazz touch to this piece (piano at 2:50 and saxopohone at 5:40)
- chains of themes and more or less decomposed measures which make lose the balance of the listener, we even wonder how musicians manage not to vacillate (1:59). Find the article on Lingus by Snarky Puppy for another example of this type.
- a heavy rock sound (2:10) (you can find last week post on The dance of eternity by Dream Theater for more rock music)

But my favorite passage is a mixture of all of this at 4:47: rock hammering by the drums, the bass, the piano and an additional keyboard a little deconstructed to emphasize it even more (Tigran plays certainly a hand on each keyboard), the voice and the saxophone in a sound layer on the top and a total loss of rhythmic mark at 5:05 when the drums begin to mark a tempo which seems totally different or slower.

Hats off, what masters!

Title: Sibylla
Artist: Tigran Hamasyan
Album: Red Hail -- Aratta Rebirth
Label: Plus Loin
Time: 8’24
Year: 2009

Areni Agbabian: voice
Ben Wendel: soprano saxophone
Tigran Hamasyan: piano, keyboards
Nate Wood: drums
Sam Minaie: double bass