Unity - Avishai Cohen

Unity - Avishai Cohen + the international vamp band

A great moment is planned, on Friday evening, in the Main Hall of La Villette (Grande Halle) with the concert of the bassist Avishai Cohen in trio with a distinguished guest: Kurt Rosenwinkel (remember).

Among all musical revelations that I had over the years and which find themselves and will find themselves on this blog, I keep particularly in mind three wery striking: one saxophone player (suspense, I keep it for a next post), Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Avishai Cohen.
Three artists whom I never grew tired of listening to, both in concerts or in records.

It is thus obvious, waiting for this exceptional concert, that I suggest a piece by Avishai Cohen.

He has so many excellent records in leader that to choose a piece in particular is very difficult. Phases in trio are memorable, last albums tinged with pop are also excellent, first albums exploring the sound of bands with brass instruments are magnificent as well.

Finally, for today (yes, I am sure I shall yield to temptation to make you listen to others pieces afterward), we are going to listen to the first piece of a wonderful album called « Unity » which contains only excellent titles. A best to have in ones record collection!

You will appreciate the rhythmic plays of melodies which Avishai Cohen masters in the perfection and which we find in most of its themes over the years (from 0:23).
The global arrangement of the piece and the interventions of brass instruments are a delight of purity (for example take the trombone: 1:42 or 1:46).
Without forgetting Diego Urcola’s majestic solo in the trumpet!

Did I forget to specify it? Yes, Avishai Cohen is indeed in the piano on this title!

Title: Short Story
Artist: Avishai Cohen + the international vamp band
Album: Unity
Label: Concord / Stretch Records
Time: 6’55
Year: 2001

Avishai Cohen: piano, voice
Diego Urcola: trumpet
Avi Lebovich: trombone, voice
Yosvany Terry: chekere
Yagil Baras: double bass
Antonio Sanchez: drums, voice
Marisol Martinez & Noriko Ueda : voice