For this new article, I want to test Soundsgood playlists.
My idea is to share with you songs from my last listenings.
These are songs or tunes that made an impression on me, which I liked or found interesting.

We will begin with novelties of 2018 but older pieces will also be added. Always sounds that are close to my heart.
I hope that this playlist will provide you with discoveries and that you will come regularly pick your share of music.

Almas - Bazar Sawan

Almas - Bazar Sawan

To start this playlist, I want to highlight a young group full of promises: Bazar Sawan
They have just released their very first EP of great musical quality (available here)

Their original blend of oriental and latin sounds in different languages ​​will certainly catch a lot of ears.
Celebrate the release of this beautiful album at the Studio de l’Ermitage in Paris on March 21st

I suggest to listen to the following titles:

  • « Marble and clay »: I love the passage from a French song to a trumpet solo in latin music style with a background of oriental melodies.
  • « Taxxamt »: here I lose ground thanks to the ostinatos of this beautiful waltz, behind a pretty flute melody and this lovely voice singing in Kabyle.
  • « Mirage »: a lancinating ballad inviting us to close our eyes and dream.

The group is composed of :

  • Antoine Cloud: Drums
  • Laurent Dessaints: Flute and trumpet
  • Florent Drousset: Bass and double bass
  • Stephen Durand: Keyboards
  • Merzouk Lamara: Percussions
  • Zineb Touzani: Voice

Find them on their website, on facebook or on soundcloud.