The View From Here

Next Sunday, Kyle Eastwood will rise on the stage of Parc Floral in Paris.
On this occasion, I invite you to listen to my favorite tune of his last album « The view from here » : « From Rio to Havana ».

The title « From Rio to Havana » indicates that the beginning of the tune is in a kind of brazilian mood with a piano introduction by Andrew McCormack in ostinato, which will be the common theme during this song, joined by Kyle Eastwood’s bass and Martyn Kaine’s drums.

From Rio to Havana by Kyle Eastwood on Grooveshark

The theme is played by Graeme Blevins on tenor saxophone and Quentin Collins on trumpet, entirely in unison. It is composed of 3 distinct phases of 16 measures each:

- 1st theme (A theme at 0:32) breaks with the ostinato, on different harmonies, and finishes on two harmonized notes between saxophone and trumpet (the only notes which are not in unison, at 0:49)
- the 2nd (B theme at 0:54) finds the piano ostinato back
- whereas in the 3rd (C theme at 1:14), piano makes way to bass sentences and drums punctuations.

Last week it was Tino Traccana, this week it is Graeme Blevins who gives us a magnificent tenor saxophone solo full of control.
You can hear harmonies of themes A and B:
1:36 -> 1:57 : A theme
1:57 -> 2:17 : B theme
2:17 -> 2:38 : A theme
2:38 -> 2:59 : B theme

Quentin Collins’ trumpet solo stays only on C theme and moves on 8 measures cycles punctuated by the drums at the end of each cycle.
2:59 -> 4:32 (all in all, 9 cycles of 8 measures)

The two first themes come back, still at unison.
But C theme is not the same anymore (5:13), previous theme has been replaced by a new one played twice, on the same harmonies, but made of shorter and more rythmical sentences.

Piano does not stay on the ostinato as we could have expected for an ending but begins to play more on a cuban style. Apparently, the journey is ending : Havana.
I like the way this last theme is arranged:
- 8 first measures : presentation of the musical sentence
- 8 following measures : add of a musical answer at the middle of the sentence, at unison
- 8 following measures : this answer is harmonised
- 8 last measures : conclusion with the last sentence played one octave higher the 2nd time (this is a good indication for an end)

The whole is a very efficient tune, quite simple, not too long (just enough to present two soli), rythmical and lively with this ostinato and a theme made of chained short sentenses which participates to the rythmical aspect of the tune.

So next meeting will be on Sunday the 15th of June at Parc Floral to listen to this band (Ernesto Simpson will replace Martyn Kaine).
Concert begins at 3:30 PM but there is another concert at 1:30 PM which promises a lot regarding the musicians announced : Eric Séva, Jean-Philippe Viret and Michel Godard. A trio which will give the beautiful part in grave sounds (bass saxophone, double bass, tuba). Three of the best french musicians who love beautiful melodies. I am certain this concert will also be great.

Titre : From Rio to Havana
Artiste : Kyle Eastwood
Album : The view from here
Label: Jazz Village / Harmonia Mundi
Durée : 6’02
Année : 2013

Musicians :
Kyle Eastwood : double bass, electric bass
Martyn Kaine : drums
Andrew McCormack : piano
Graeme Blevins : tenor saxophone
Quentin Collins : trumpette

Recorded in Studios La Buissonne (by Gérard de Haro) in september 2012.