Gambit - Julien Lourau

Gambit - Julien Lourau

Three weeks ago, introducting a post on Avishai Cohen’s Short Story, I refered to a saxophone player who gave to me a particularly striking musical revelation. It is in 1996 when I discovered Julien Lourau in a television broadcast called Django d’ Or (rewards for jazz musicians).

It was the time of video tapes and I reviewed mine very often with this fabulous Voodoo Dance tune by Julien Lourau’s Groove Gang that night.
Afterward, I took all the records in which he plays: from Henri Texier to Abbey Lincoln via Laurent Cugny’s Big Band Lumière, Wise or Bojan Z, his regular fellow since his beginning, without forgetting all the disks under his own name.

It has been a long time since I wanted to share some of his pieces with you. Today I take the opportunity as he will be in concert on Saturday evening in the Triton, in Les Lilas, parisian suburbs.

For this concert, Julien Lourau will be part of Electric Biddle quartet with Hannes Riepler on guitar, Jim Hart on drums and Dave Maric on piano. This quartet has been created in London during musical residences. This passage in London reminds me the album Gambit released in 2000 into which Julien Lourau introduced an electro sound in his music after a first journey to London.

We are going to listen to a piece from this album entitled « Conrod ».
I have listened a lot at this album! I have excellent memories of this summer and me in my car going to do some sports on weekends and listening to this tune with speakers singing loudly.

The electro music is present from the beginning with DJ Shalom’s sounds. The rock is also present with the hammering of Sylvain Daniel’s bass (00:43) or the singings and shouts of Magic Malik (02:49) between flute and saturated human voice, the effect is striking.

Once again my favorite moment follows a peacefull but percussive part (06:58) when the head starts moving under the knocks of bass and drums.
Drums bursts at 07:20 announce final assault with a theme and a sound of winds coming right from the Andes. We can easily imagine public jumping vertically at 07:45 on the riff played by sax and flute and scratch interventions.

Conrad by Julien Lourau on Grooveshark

Title: Conrod
Artist: Julien Lourau
Album: Gambit
Label: Warner Music France
Time: 8’37
Year: 2000

Malik Mezzadri: flute, voice
Sylvain Daniel: bass
Maxime Zampieri: drums
Stéphanus Vivens: keyboards
Minino Garay: percussions
Julien Lourau: saxophones
Shalom: DJ, scratch

Recorded and mixed by Philippe Avril in Soft ADS Studio, Ivry, France
Masterised by Translab, Lionel Nicod.