Xenophonia - Bojan Z

Xenophonia - Bojan Z

Last week, I mentioned Bojan Z as having played with Sebastian Rochford, member of the surprising quartet Sounds of Kemet.

In this continuity, I suggest to listen to a piece by Bojan Z (Zulfikarpašić of his complete name) which has marked me only with its introduction: Biggus D. A delight!

Accompanied, in trio, with Rémi Vignolo and Ari Hoenig, Bojan Z switches from piano to fender rhodes. Live, he has piano to his left and fender to his right. It is impressive of virtuosity.

This piece consists of various atmospheres, always very rhythmic. A symbiosis between the musicians allows them to establish a dancing mood with lively riffs and parts of collective improvisation (2:45) during which marks are carried away.

My favorite passage corresponds to the end of this collective improvisation, when instruments play on rhythmic ostinatos by making us go out of depth until this shout of Ari Hoenig (5:38). We totally went out of the context and nevertheless, they manage to serve once more the introduction theme which we savor with an intense pleasure! Listen to the sound and the punctuations of the drums on this part, it is sublime.

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Title: Biggus D
Artist: Bojan Z
Album: Xenophonia
Label: Label Bleu
Time: 7’21
Year: 2006

Rémi Vignolo: double bass
Ari Hoenig: drums
Bojan Zulfikarpašić: piano, fender rhodes, xenophone

Recorded at Studio Recall (Pompignan, France), July 2005.
Mixed on Atomic Valve Design Desk (DVDD Studio Boxson, Paris), January and February 2006, by Philippe Gaillot
Mastered at Dyam, Paris, by Raphaël Jonin